Announcement: “Stone Tablets to Satellites” Webinar on Feb 9, 2023

In Conjunction with Wells Media’s Academy of Insurance

In Late June 2022, Wells Media Group, Inc. published my book titled “From Stone Tablets to Satellites: The Continual Intimate but Awkward Relationship Between the Insurance Industry and Technology”.

I’m announcing that on Feb 9, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time, I will discuss an overview of my book in an one-hour webinar. The title of the webinar is “Technology-Enabled Insurance Commerce: From Ancestral to Future Times”.

In the webinar, I will discuss the guiding themes for my book and the webinar, the proto-insurance and technology used in King Hammurabi’s era and then jump to current time to emphasize that insurers must simultaneously resolve the modern era insurance decision matrix and the firm’s intimacy/awkwardness relationship with technology.

The core of my webinar will be a discussion of some of the technology applications deployed for customers, carriers, product development, claims management, changing the risk landscape, and dataanalytics. I will finish the webinar by noting seven focus areas that insurers need to deploy to succeed in the future.

The heart of my book and webinar is that technology enables insurance firms to meet or exceed customer objectives rather than believing erroneously that technology is a beginning-and-end of itself.

For more details including how to participate in the webinar, please contact Patrick Wraight, ITP, CIC, CRM, AU, Director of Education, Academy of Insurance, and the editor of my book at:

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