Status Report: My Book About the P&C Insurance Industry & Technology

One milestone finished: my editor at Wells Media sent me his reviewed copy of my (around 73,000 words) manuscript on Friday, October 29, 2021. He reviewed it for content, including:

  • Content to slim down
  • Content to delete
  • Content to move (and where to move it)
  • Content to add (and where to add it).

I will now begin my second – and final – draft that will encompass, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Accepting all of my editor’s recommendations
  • Chasing down approval of IP from the 3rd parties I’m currently using content in the manuscript
  • Finding new sources of content to replace any IP that the 3rd party doesn’t provide approval
  • Updating all figures to reflect 2020 or 2021 figures (if 2021 figures are available) [Note: I drafted the book from 4Q19 to 1Q21 and the current figures reflect what was available during that time period.]
  • Updating written content, where required, to reflect updated information in the figures
  • Drafting Summary Sections at end of each Chapter (these Summaries will be new work as I didn’t do them in my first draft)
  • Creating a Bibliography and turning the current footnotes into bibliography entries [Note: I wrote the first draft using Scrivener and decided not to use one of the many bibliography solutions from a 3rd party that work with Scrivener]
  • Expanding the existing Objectives Section to now include the purpose of every section and each chapter in every section.

I am targeting mid-1Q22 to finish my final draft and send it back to my editor. At that time, he and his colleagues will do a final edit of the content, a final layout of the 100+ visuals, and perform other activities required to launch the book.

Currently, Wells Media is targeting 2Q22 / 3Q22 to publish, market, and distribute my book as a paperback, an e-book, and an audio book. Wells Media will determine the price of each option.

We will do some podcasts and other 1-many marketing efforts (WordPress blog posts) either directly before the book is launched or directly after.

We will release the title of the book, its Table of Contents, and an executive summary of the book once I send Wells Media my final draft.

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