The Insurance Industry’s Fundamental Persistent Objective

The insurance industry has one overarching fundamental persistent objective: getting and keeping sufficient scale comprised of clients who have a high likelihood of generating profit. Of course, I mean "profit" as described or defined by the metrics of the insurance lines of business each insurance company conducts commerce. Scale for the sake of scale is… Continue reading The Insurance Industry’s Fundamental Persistent Objective

CX-Shaped Life Insurance Geospatial Initiatives

I began my insurance career as a life insurance actuarial student. The key words are "began" and "student." I enjoyed my time with John Hancock as an actuarial student before I was drafted into the Army. There were no deferments for actuarial students when I got my 'Greetings and Salutations' during that time period in… Continue reading CX-Shaped Life Insurance Geospatial Initiatives

Shift to (Uninsurable) Severity

A few weeks ago, I saw a LinkedIn post from Dr. Robert Hartwig that discussed his testimony to one of the US Senate's subcommittees about the uninsurability of Business Income from the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing that LinkedIn post, and reading his testimony, triggered my ongoing belief that uninsurability of certain risks has been happening more… Continue reading Shift to (Uninsurable) Severity

The Myth of the Digital Insurer

Myths through the ages Myths are, always have been, and always will be an intrinsic element of human society.  Myths like the Golden Fleece, Minotaurs, Unicorns, Cupid, Excalibur, and thousands of others have taken center stage in different segments of human life at different times, disappeared, and been replaced by newer tales and folklore.  Myths… Continue reading The Myth of the Digital Insurer

PERSONAL POST – A June 2021 Update of Santa Fe Restaurants (My lists)

The restaurant scene in Santa Fe, New Mexico remains as robust and diversified as ever. Yes, some restaurants closed during the Covid-19 pandemic but it seems quite a few of them have either reopened or will reopen in early July. (Our State is fully reopening as of July 1, 2021). Some new restaurants began operating… Continue reading PERSONAL POST – A June 2021 Update of Santa Fe Restaurants (My lists)

Digital Twins: A manufacturing solution for P&C property insurers

When insurers need to know about property risks Note: I realize that the last time period in the list below could be wrong because I always get claims made versus claim occurrence mixed up. (I don't know how to calculate IBNR either but I understand it requires a dark, stormy night, the entrails of a… Continue reading Digital Twins: A manufacturing solution for P&C property insurers

Reckless for an insurer to manage itself as one or more of its technologies

I'm going to go out on a limb and state that it is reckless (myopic ?) for an insurance carrier to manage itself as if it was one of its current - or future - component technologies or technology applications. What do I mean? Far too many people write that an insurance carrier is a… Continue reading Reckless for an insurer to manage itself as one or more of its technologies

Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

There are several realities of the insurance industry that go unsaid. But I think from time to time, these realities need to be mentioned upfront. I understand why these realities go unsaid: insurance professionals know they don't need to be discussed. And I certainly understand that. After I graduated from New Mexico State University with… Continue reading Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

My Six-Point Pledge as a technology-focused insurance industry analyst

I've been fortunate to have been a technology-focused insurance industry analyst since 1997 launching and/or guiding analyst practices in the US and the UK. I've been even more fortunate to work with solid and thoughtful technology-focused insurance analysts at The Meta Group, Financial Insights (IDC), and Ovum (now known as Omdia). I pledge to my… Continue reading My Six-Point Pledge as a technology-focused insurance industry analyst