About me

I’m now in my seventh decade and have enjoyed listening to music, reading, writing, and delivering presentations for most of those years.

My love of current and emerging technology and how those technologies impacts society and commerce, specifically insurance commerce, gets me out of bed every morning. That love has been the basis of how I have earned my income throughout most of my life and it continues to bring me joy.

Throughout my career, and specifically during my two plus decades as a technology-focused insurance industry analyst, I have researched, written, and delivered presentations around the world about the current and potential future impact of technology on insurance customers, channels, companies, and markets.

My conceptual thinking has been shaped by reading the work of several people including Vannevar Bush, Marshall McLuhan, Alan Kay, Kevin Kelly, Peter Schwartz, Don Tapscott, Eric Brynjolfsson, and Sangeet Paul Choudary.

I’ll continue to write about one or more elements of my favorite triad: society, insurance, and technology. Fueling my posts will be ideas and frameworks that I have worked on throughout my career augmented with my opinions about the current and potential applications of emerging technologies.

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