Why the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Wonderland represents chaos. Possibly chaos of a barely controlled nature, but chaos nevertheless.

During the last twenty plus years as a technology-focused insurance industry analyst, I have often felt like Alice striving to understand the illogical posturing and shifting positions of many of the emerging technology firms at the tea party.

Like Alice, I’ve believed my role was to ask logical questions or create a foundation of realistic expectations for society of potential technology applications for insurance markets, commerce, channels, and customers.

But I plan to shift from being Alice to becoming more like the Mad Hatter with a touch of Alice. The Mad Hatter’s role at the Tea Party is one of an orchestrator of controlled chaos. My intent throughout the posts on this blog is to, hopefully, be a more logical orchestrator at the Tea Party of the actors in the real world of insurance, technology, and society.

Let me know if I succeed.

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