The Insurance Industry’s Fundamental Persistent Objective

The insurance industry has one overarching fundamental persistent objective: getting and keeping sufficient scale comprised of clients who have a high likelihood of generating profit. Of course, I mean "profit" as described or defined by the metrics of the insurance lines of business each insurance company conducts commerce. Scale for the sake of scale is… Continue reading The Insurance Industry’s Fundamental Persistent Objective

Instacart: Lessons for P&C Insurance Claim Management

Continuing to live with our COVID-19 lock-down / self-isolate / stay-at-home experience just like most of the world, we have tried both delivery from a local grocery store and Instacart. We were happy with both services. However, I believe that Instacart has lessons for P&C insurance claim management, particularly if the insurance company or third-party… Continue reading Instacart: Lessons for P&C Insurance Claim Management