Hacking the Dildo: Cyber Risks Everywhere

Anything that is connected to the web can, and will, be hacked. We forget that. It is extremely easy to forget that fact. We forget it when we buy web-connected baby monitors. Or web-connected door bells. Or any web-connected household appliance, including door locks. (Web-connected door locks ! Really ? Really ? You want to… Continue reading Hacking the Dildo: Cyber Risks Everywhere

IoT + NewSpace = Fleet Space Technologies

Quick introduction I recently published a report profiling six Earth Observation (i.e. NewSpace) firms that included how each firm goes-to-market, their target markets, their capabilities, and other attributes. When I learned that IoT is the essence of one of the six firms - Fleet Space Technologies, headquartered in Australia - I became very interested. Why?… Continue reading IoT + NewSpace = Fleet Space Technologies

The IoT Creates New Insurance Product and Service Opportunities

A high-level perspective of the IoT Digital Gaia emerges Gaia, or the Gaia Hypothesis, proposed by chemist James Lovelock and co-developed by microbiologist Lynn Margulis in the 1970s, states “that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.” … Continue reading The IoT Creates New Insurance Product and Service Opportunities