View of Jemez Mountains from our Santa Fe Home

I thought some folks might want to see some of the views we have of the Jemez Mountains from the backyard of our Santa Fe home. I took these pictures with my iPad 2 (5th generation), software version 13.3. I'm curious what pictures from this year's 2020 Apple iPhone 12 will look like in my… Continue reading View of Jemez Mountains from our Santa Fe Home

Santa Fe Restaurants: My Lists

The City Different, the 'marketing tag line' of Santa Fe, definitely lives up to its marketing message. The 'difference', at least for me, is encompassed in a plethora of elements: the diversity of the population (New Mexican, Mexican, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Asians), the calmness embedded in the beauty of the mountain environment, the clear air,… Continue reading Santa Fe Restaurants: My Lists