Instacart: Lessons for P&C Insurance Claim Management

Continuing to live with our COVID-19 lock-down / self-isolate / stay-at-home experience just like most of the world, we have tried both delivery from a local grocery store and Instacart. We were happy with both services. However, I believe that Instacart has lessons for P&C insurance claim management, particularly if the insurance company or third-party… Continue reading Instacart: Lessons for P&C Insurance Claim Management

I am writing a book about insurance & technology

I have decided to write a book about the relationship between insurance and technology. Wells Media Group (WMG) and I have entered into an agreement where WMG will publish, market, and distribute the book as a paper book, ebook, and audio book when it is finished. I plan to keep the working title secret until… Continue reading I am writing a book about insurance & technology

Simplified Risk Flow of Commercial P&C Insurance Purchase

I'm not sure if this will help the many threads of whether Business Interruption (BI) should or should not be covered if the commercial P&C insurance policy excludes BI claims from being triggered by bacteria / viruses / pathogens but ... ... I thought an illustrative visual diagram of a simplified risk flow capturing the… Continue reading Simplified Risk Flow of Commercial P&C Insurance Purchase

Should Insurers Use an Amazon or Netflix Business Model?

I've seen many insurance trade press articles or social media posts asking why insurers aren't using either an Amazon or Netflix business model. The articles or posts mention that Amazon and Netflix are massively successful, are driven by a strong customer focus, have operations throughout the globe, and, equally importantly, conduct commerce using web-based mobile… Continue reading Should Insurers Use an Amazon or Netflix Business Model?

Seamless interconnections: The fragility of interdependence

"Pathogen outbreaks are an emergent property of global 21st century society," Dr. Richard Hatchett, Executive Director, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), Bloomberg BusinessWeek, February 13, 2020 As a society, we are obviously becoming increasingly more interconnected. Most of the time, we don't realize the fragility caused by our interdependence on our panoply of linkages and… Continue reading Seamless interconnections: The fragility of interdependence

Platform Possibilities for Insurance Sales

All of us - people and businesses - leverage, in some degree, the reality that the marketplace is rapidly becoming an interconnected mobile, digital network. IP-enabled smartphones and tablets (and watches), owned and used by millions of people across the planet, enable a never-ending flow of data, knowledge, and business transactions throughout this network. One… Continue reading Platform Possibilities for Insurance Sales

Insurers Need to Resolve the Doolittle Dilemma

The Doolittle Dilemma: As Eliza Doolittle sang in the "My Fair Lady" musical song 'Show Me: "Words! Words! Words! I'm so sick of words! First from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can do?" Insurers need to resolve the Doolittle Dilemma. Words continually cascade through the operations of insurance firms. Words are… Continue reading Insurers Need to Resolve the Doolittle Dilemma

Overheard insurance conversations from 2025 (Updated 1/27/2021)

Reporting in from 2025 I wanted to note some of the conversations I overheard while listening to the panoply of microphones I planted in some tables and walls of several P&C and L&A insurance companies. Just snippets really but I thought other insurance industry people might be interested ... Where is our money going? Are… Continue reading Overheard insurance conversations from 2025 (Updated 1/27/2021)