Dangerous Divides: Cyber Risk Management

Each of us represents, at every moment in time, a totality of our life's experiences, including education, relationships, and work experiences. A never-ending growing part of our life's experiences include the impact that current and emerging technologies (and their associated applications) have on the manner in which we communicate; collaborate; consume entertainment and news; interact… Continue reading Dangerous Divides: Cyber Risk Management

Insurance Commerce in the Cyber Age My 2nd Insurance Book Project [Updated April 13, 2023]

Background As some of you know and now those of you who read this post will know, I'm going to write a 2nd book. I have tentatively titled this book "Insurance Commerce in the Cyber Age". I'm striving to provide value to the insurance industry with the focus being conducting P&C insurance commerce with commercial… Continue reading Insurance Commerce in the Cyber Age My 2nd Insurance Book Project [Updated April 13, 2023]

Not every risk is insurable

The crux of this post is the point that there are some risks (and I believe a growing number of risks) which are (and will be) uninsurable. Cyber risks are not insurable. Back in 2021, I saw a LinkedIn post from Dr. Robert Hartwig that discussed his testimony to one of the US Senate’s subcommittees… Continue reading Not every risk is insurable

Yes, Segmenting Insurance Lines of Business Is Eminently Logical

I read ITL’s cover email this morning (Feb 8, 2022) encompassing the various articles that I could delve into if I was interested. One of the articles was an excerpt - or perhaps it was a copy - of an article that Donald Light had published in IRR discussing a cross-over insurance product issued by… Continue reading Yes, Segmenting Insurance Lines of Business Is Eminently Logical

9 Realities About Insurance and Technology

Insurance commerce can only be legally conducted between customers (personal, corporate) and insurance firms (whether reinsurance firm, insurance firm, agency, broker, MGA, MGU).It is illegal to conduct insurance commerce with a technology firm.No technology can ever transform an insurance firm into a technology firm.Technology - whether past, current, or emerging - is critically important to… Continue reading 9 Realities About Insurance and Technology

Reckless for an insurer to manage itself as one or more of its technologies

I'm going to go out on a limb and state that it is reckless (myopic ?) for an insurance carrier to manage itself as if it was one of its current - or future - component technologies or technology applications. What do I mean? Far too many people write that an insurance carrier is a… Continue reading Reckless for an insurer to manage itself as one or more of its technologies

Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

There are several realities of the insurance industry that go unsaid. But I think from time to time, these realities need to be mentioned upfront. I understand why these realities go unsaid: insurance professionals know they don't need to be discussed. And I certainly understand that. After I graduated from New Mexico State University with… Continue reading Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

If I Only Had a Brain …Concerning the Shape & Nature of the P&C Insurance Industry

Often, I feel like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz when he said several times “if I only had a brain” particularly concerning the shape and nature of the P&C insurance industry in the next five or 10 years. There seems to be no end to the many prognostications that incumbent carriers are in… Continue reading If I Only Had a Brain …Concerning the Shape & Nature of the P&C Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is replete with archipelagos

COVID-19 has accelerated guidance (or suggestions or recommendations) for insurers to accelerate their initiatives to reshape their various business, financial, and customer-facing operations to 'be digital.' I have a hunch that what has actually accelerated is the 'doom-and-gloom' wailings from analysts, consultants, journalists, and technology firms to their insurance company clients and prospects (rather than… Continue reading The insurance industry is replete with archipelagos

I am writing a book about insurance & technology

I have decided to write a book about the relationship between insurance and technology. Wells Media Group (WMG) and I have entered into an agreement where WMG will publish, market, and distribute the book as a paper book, ebook, and audio book when it is finished. I plan to keep the working title secret until… Continue reading I am writing a book about insurance & technology