Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

There are several realities of the insurance industry that go unsaid. But I think from time to time, these realities need to be mentioned upfront. I understand why these realities go unsaid: insurance professionals know they don't need to be discussed. And I certainly understand that. After I graduated from New Mexico State University with… Continue reading Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

If I Only Had a Brain …

Often, I feel like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz when he said several times “if I only had a brain” particularly concerning the shape and nature of the P&C insurance industry in the next five or 10 years. There seems to be no end to the many prognostications that incumbent carriers are in… Continue reading If I Only Had a Brain …

The insurance industry is replete with archipelagos

COVID-19 has accelerated guidance (or suggestions or recommendations) for insurers to accelerate their initiatives to reshape their various business, financial, and customer-facing operations to 'be digital.' I have a hunch that what has actually accelerated is the 'doom-and-gloom' wailings from analysts, consultants, journalists, and technology firms to their insurance company clients and prospects (rather than… Continue reading The insurance industry is replete with archipelagos

I am writing a book about insurance & technology

I have decided to write a book about the relationship between insurance and technology. Wells Media Group (WMG) and I have entered into an agreement where WMG will publish, market, and distribute the book as a paper book, ebook, and audio book when it is finished. I plan to keep the working title secret until… Continue reading I am writing a book about insurance & technology

Noodlin’ About Writing a Book About Insurance Industry & Technology

I've been thinking about writing a book about the insurance industry and technology for quite a few years. Now that I'm retired, this is my last shot to actually do it. I see the posts that I've already published on this WordPress Blog so far - and others I still plan to write - as… Continue reading Noodlin’ About Writing a Book About Insurance Industry & Technology

Yes, An Insurance Company Is A Service Company

An insurance company is entirely a service company. It provides services based on a legal contract called an insurance policy. And the insurance company has the fiduciary responsibility to ONLY pay the claims, or parts of a claim, that meet the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the policy.  But an insurance company is NOT a… Continue reading Yes, An Insurance Company Is A Service Company