If I Only Had a Brain …

Often, I feel like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz when he said several times “if I only had a brain” particularly concerning the shape and nature of the P&C insurance industry in the next five or 10 years. There seems to be no end to the many prognostications that incumbent carriers are in… Continue reading If I Only Had a Brain …

I am writing a book about insurance & technology

I have decided to write a book about the relationship between insurance and technology. Wells Media Group (WMG) and I have entered into an agreement where WMG will publish, market, and distribute the book as a paper book, ebook, and audio book when it is finished. I plan to keep the working title secret until… Continue reading I am writing a book about insurance & technology

Technology Can Not Replace Insurance Brokers

There is a great deal of investment activity in the insurance industry. Hundreds of startup firms, insurance and technology firms, have come - and continue to come - to the insurance market. I distinguish the two types of startups by using a very straightforward - and I believe a black-and-white legal - perspective: if a… Continue reading Technology Can Not Replace Insurance Brokers

My advice to insurance startups

Any person starting an insurance firm, whether an insurance broker or insurance carrier needs to keep in mind that: No insurance line of business is a commodity.Every insurance line of business is regulated. In the US, insurance firms must comply with each of the regulations in each jurisdiction the insurance firm intends to conduct business.Regulators… Continue reading My advice to insurance startups