CX-Shaped Life Insurance Geospatial Initiatives

I began my insurance career as a life insurance actuarial student. The key words are "began" and "student." I enjoyed my time with John Hancock as an actuarial student before I was drafted into the Army. There were no deferments for actuarial students when I got my 'Greetings and Salutations' during that time period in… Continue reading CX-Shaped Life Insurance Geospatial Initiatives

Pitney Bowes Sold ‘MapInfo’ to Syncsort. Or did it?

On August 26, 2019 Syncsort acquired Pitney Bowes' Software Solutions Business. For me, this wasn't another acquisition transaction to read about and then move on to other matters. I’m writing this post because geospatial trends have been one of my focus areas throughout my insurance career. ---------------------------------------- We live in two worlds: digital and analogue… Continue reading Pitney Bowes Sold ‘MapInfo’ to Syncsort. Or did it?

Immersion Technologies & The Insurance Industry

Understanding a problem How do you come to understand a problem enough to resolve it effectively and efficiently? More specifically, as an insurance professional, regardless of the functional area you work in, how do you come to understand a problem? How do you share your understanding of the problem with your colleagues? How do you… Continue reading Immersion Technologies & The Insurance Industry