Barry Rabkin Insurance Book Announcement

This has been a long journey for me to write this book. I don't mean only the time between 4Q19 and 1Q22 when I actually drafted the manuscripts and worked with my editor (Patrick Wraight) at Wells Media. I mean my entire multi-decade insurance career which spanned working within the industry, being a management consultant… Continue reading Barry Rabkin Insurance Book Announcement

Yes, Segmenting Insurance Lines of Business Is Eminently Logical

I read ITL’s cover email this morning (Feb 8, 2022) encompassing the various articles that I could delve into if I was interested. One of the articles was an excerpt - or perhaps it was a copy - of an article that Donald Light had published in IRR discussing a cross-over insurance product issued by… Continue reading Yes, Segmenting Insurance Lines of Business Is Eminently Logical

9 Realities About Insurance and Technology

Insurance commerce can only be legally conducted between customers (personal, corporate) and insurance firms (whether reinsurance firm, insurance firm, agency, broker, MGA, MGU).It is illegal to conduct insurance commerce with a technology firm.No technology can ever transform an insurance firm into a technology firm.Technology - whether past, current, or emerging - is critically important to… Continue reading 9 Realities About Insurance and Technology

The Emperor Still Has No Clothes (Insurers Who Believe in VC-Driven Industry Disruption Are The Emperor)

Insurance firms, both incumbents and startups, have been continually told that they are not 'innovative' and the industry must be 'transformed' or 'disrupted.' It is hard, if not impossible, for insurance firm executives not to hear, read, or see those messages all around them (perhaps even in their sleep?). Become 'innovative' or you will be… Continue reading The Emperor Still Has No Clothes (Insurers Who Believe in VC-Driven Industry Disruption Are The Emperor)

The Insurance Industry’s Fundamental Persistent Objective

The insurance industry has one overarching fundamental persistent objective: getting and keeping sufficient scale comprised of clients who have a high likelihood of generating profit. Of course, I mean "profit" as described or defined by the metrics of the insurance lines of business each insurance company conducts commerce. Scale for the sake of scale is… Continue reading The Insurance Industry’s Fundamental Persistent Objective

Shift to (Uninsurable) Severity

A few weeks ago, I saw a LinkedIn post from Dr. Robert Hartwig that discussed his testimony to one of the US Senate's subcommittees about the uninsurability of Business Income from the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing that LinkedIn post, and reading his testimony, triggered my ongoing belief that uninsurability of certain risks has been happening more… Continue reading Shift to (Uninsurable) Severity

The Myth of the Digital Insurer

Myths through the ages Myths are, always have been, and always will be an intrinsic element of human society.  Myths like the Golden Fleece, Minotaurs, Unicorns, Cupid, Excalibur, and thousands of others have taken center stage in different segments of human life at different times, disappeared, and been replaced by newer tales and folklore.  Myths… Continue reading The Myth of the Digital Insurer

Reckless for an insurer to manage itself as one or more of its technologies

I'm going to go out on a limb and state that it is reckless (myopic ?) for an insurance carrier to manage itself as if it was one of its current - or future - component technologies or technology applications. What do I mean? Far too many people write that an insurance carrier is a… Continue reading Reckless for an insurer to manage itself as one or more of its technologies

Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

There are several realities of the insurance industry that go unsaid. But I think from time to time, these realities need to be mentioned upfront. I understand why these realities go unsaid: insurance professionals know they don't need to be discussed. And I certainly understand that. After I graduated from New Mexico State University with… Continue reading Insurance Industry Realities That Go Unsaid

My Six-Point Pledge as a technology-focused insurance industry analyst

I've been fortunate to have been a technology-focused insurance industry analyst since 1997 launching and/or guiding analyst practices in the US and the UK. I've been even more fortunate to work with solid and thoughtful technology-focused insurance analysts at The Meta Group, Financial Insights (IDC), and Ovum (now known as Omdia). I pledge to my… Continue reading My Six-Point Pledge as a technology-focused insurance industry analyst